Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Birth Day


Baka nagtaka kayo why now lang me nagpost ng blog ko Well, I'm just too busy kanina entertaining my visitors kaya I don’t have time to post. It was not a spectacular celebration then, but at least I celebrated it when my family and few of my friends. Some of my friends were busy kanina, that’s why hindi sila nakapunta pero ok lng nman, di naman nila nakalimutan bday ko. Nagtext nman cla to greet me kaya okz lng sakin…

The exciting part sa bday ko ay yung dumating ex ko. We had problem before due to the breakup, but then were ok now... We both understand that we are really not meant for each other though we still have a little hesitation with each other.

Masaya naman ang celebration…

Thank you mga friends sa pagpunta… I appreciate it so much.

Some of my pictures taken from my bday

Friday, March 21, 2008

My last day as teenager

I don't know what will happen next...

I'm still thinking kung ano ba talaga mangyayari sakin pagkatung2x ko ng 21.. mmm... cguro more matured na tsaka dapat ready to face all the challenges in life..
Masaya ako kc at this point of time. I experienced a lot as teenager.. malling, bar happing, and others..
maraming mga roller coaster na events, may masaya, malungkot but despite those things im still strong and ready to face next level of my life..